#FAB47 Winners

January 2018 – Daylight Transport (Fontana, CA)

FAB47 Winner Daylight Transport

#FAB47 Alert: Daylight Transport - Fontana, CA
Daylight Transport LLC is an environmental-friendly business model that can be shared and replicated with other Inland Empire Businesses to mitigate toxic air pollution in our region.

The Daylight Transport Service Center in Fontana is a newly constructed, state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious facility and a pioneer of green resources. Daylight Transport LLC, has invested $2.5M by installing a 600-kilowatt solar system, equipping their operations with 42 all-electric forklifts, electric yard and service trucks, and seven EV charging stations.  Power for the electric-vehicle chargers are located at the center and will be generated by the rooftop solar panel system through net metering, which covers nearly the entire roof of the 60,000-square-foot warehouse.

The electronic forklifts includes revolutionary, maintenance free, Iron-Phosphate (Fe) battery technology.  By using the world’s safest, most environmentally friendly batteries, Daylight Transport eliminates all the hazards and liabilities associated with toxic lead-acid batteries and increases productivity and operational savings.

The demonstration truck project is funded by $9 million from the State’s climate change-fighting cap-and-trade program and another $10.2 million in cash and in-kind matching funds. The project demonstrates 23 battery-electric 80,000-pound (GCVWR) Class 8 yard trucks and four 16,100-pound (GVWR) Class 5 service trucks. Three yard trucks and a service truck operate at Daylight Transport.

Over the two-year duration of the demonstration project, the zero-emission trucks are expected to reduce emissions of about 3,500 tons of CO2 equivalent, 3,250 pounds of NOx and 170 pounds of diesel soot.
Daylight Transport wants to run their facility 100% independently from fossil fuels.  The grants awarded will allow Daylight Transport to install a wind turbine and replace all of their internal diesel trucks with zero-emission electric trucks.

December 2017 – Gary Ferrer (San Bernardino, CA)

FAB47 Winner Gary Ferrer

#FAB47 Alert: Gary Ferrer - San Bernardino, CA
Gary Ferrer, a successful celebrity photographer and dancer lost his eye sight in 2016 due to the almost fatal disease meningitis. This experience moved Mr. Ferrer to use his talents to help low-income children in San Bernardino. Gary launched a folkloric dance group that teaches children the art of dance and the importance of community service at no cost.

The dance group has performed at regional events, such as the Festival of Lights in Riverside, NASCAR, the Orange County Fair and many more.

Gary is an example to all of us that perseverance and love for your community makes a difference. #FAB47

November 2017 – Goodwill Southern California (San Bernardino, CA)

FAB47 Winner Goodwill Southern California

#FAB47 Alert: Goodwill Southern California - San Bernardino, CA
Transforming lives through the power of work, Goodwill Southern California (GSC) serves individuals with disabilities or other vocational challenges, as well as businesses, by providing education, training, work experience and job placement services.  Last year, GSC prepared and placed over 5,000 individuals into sustainable employment through programs and services offered at three campuses. In the 47th Assembly District GSC operates 5 retail stores and a Career Resource Center, which employs approximately 250 persons, spending 95 percent of their budget on programs and services.  Committed to caring for the earth, last year GSC diverted over 100 million pounds of reusable or recyclable goods from landfills. Goodwill is GOOD for Everyone!

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October 2017 – Mrs. Patsy Dixon (Colton, CA)

FAB47 Winner Patsy Dixon

#FAB47 Alert: Mrs. Patsy Dixon - Colton, CA

She is 94 years old #FAB47 Honoree from Colton who has dedicated more than half her life to opening doors for young aspiring artists. At the last production of Peter Pan, many community leaders surrounded Patsy Dixon to thank her for being so FABULOUS and giving unselfishly to our youth.

Mrs. Patsy Dixon is the only living founder of Junior University, an organization that produces theatre plays for young people every year at the Roosevelt Bowl at Perris Hill Park in San Bernardino. Mrs. Dixon’s dedication and commitment to Junior University has served the 47th Assembly District for many years and will continue to do so for many years to come.

Mrs. Dixon, at the age of 94 attends almost every audition and theatre practice, which is typically between 3 – 6 hours daily, for 3 months. Under her leadership Junior University has encouraged and developed positivity in young people pursuing theatre arts in San Bernardino by offering a program for young people to develop their acting and singing careers. Several young people who have been through Mrs. Patsy Dixon’s program at Junior University in San Bernardino have performed on the Broadway stages. We are honored to recognize Patsy Dixon’s service to our community for the last 55 years.

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