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47th District Budget Statement

With the finalizing of the budget for 2017-18, I have joined with my Assembly colleagues to standup for California’s values of inclusion, responsibility and justice.   This budget upholds our commitment to a better California by investing in our senior citizens, middle class families, and students.  With a national political conversation focused on blame and generating fear of the other, California can stand proud today proving it is our differences that bring us to together to generate a responsible and forward thinking state budget.

Assemblymember Reyes Passes Eight Bills through the Full Assembly in the Last Week

Sacramento – With session going on well into the late night, Assemblymember Eloise Gómez Reyes passed every one of her eligible bills off of the Assembly floor and on to the State Senate successfully. In all, Assemblymember Reyes had her last eight bills heard and voted on by the full Assembly with important legislation which will have a strong impact in the Inland Empire.

Statement Concerning United States Withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement

With President Trump’s action today, the United States rejects an agreement between 195 countries, and joins Syria and Nicaragua as the only countries that are not participants in the Paris Climate Agreement. 

This administration once again demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of one of the biggest dangers facing our nation.  Not only is climate change an issue of national security, but areas like the Inland Empire of California face real and measurable negative health consequences due to emissions that are a leading cause of climate change.

Domestic Violence Education Act Passes the Assembly Floor 70-0

Sacramento – Earlier today, AB 1268, the Domestic Violence Education Act, was voted on by the full State Assembly and passed off of the floor with unanimous bi-partisan support and is on its way to the State Senate. The bill creates the California Domestic Violence Prevention Fund for the purpose of encouraging new prevention efforts throughout California.

Legislation to Bring Renewable Energy to San Bernardino and Similar Communities Passes Assembly Floor

Sacramento – Today, AB 523, the Equity in Clean Energy Investment bill, was approved by the full State Assembly and passed to the State Senate. The bill requires the California Energy Commission to allocate at least 25% of the money used for the deployment of renewable technologies to be used in disadvantaged communities and another 10% to be used in low-income communities, through the Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) program.